It was so wonderful to be meeting as a group in a regional setting for these meetings!  I hope everyone enjoyed the training sessions!  We are hopeful you were able to use the information to make an impact at your hotel.  I hope Ebbinghaus’s theory hasn’t struck and you’re retaining all the great information that was shared! 

The major takeaways I want to remind you to think about as you move forward are:

  1. Growth Portfolio – how are we going to grow our business year over year?
    • Who are the base retention clients?
    • Who are the share gain clients?
    • What is your market position?
    • How are you going to grow your market position?
  2. Shaner Curiosity – questioning
    • Open-ended questions
      • Tell me more
      • If and why
    • Closed-ended questions
      • Can you
      • Did you
    • Have you practiced questioning in other ways?
  3. Sticky Services
    • What are you doing to create loyalty
    • Why are your clients really staying with you

These were just a few of my favorite things, there was a lot more we learned. I’m looking forward to visiting your hotels and reviewing your growth portfolio with you! It will be very important to have these opportunities identified as we go into BT pricing season.

In addition to the great learning, the group dinners and spending time together in person were fantastic. Special thank you and shout out to our operations partners for arranging them for us. I hope you all enjoyed it!

Our Select Service hotels combined a regional meeting with the sales training. Part of the regional meeting was a community service project where they packed backpacks with school supplies, socks, and small toys. The backpacks were donated to local charities including the Ronald McDonald House of Central Ohio and LAB Career Development Training Center in Florida, where the backpacks will be given to kids participating in a Cyber Security Summer Camp.

Looking forward to seeing you at the next training!

Contributed by Lori Darling