Thanks to social media, many are finding their way into the spotlight. And one of our very own did just that. Our sweet, charismatic, charming, and energetic Field Family member, Braedan Lugue, was given the opportunity to shine on the Ellen Show. In December Braedan and his music partner posted a clip of their latest single to Tik Tok. Less than 24 hours later they had almost 5 million views. They were contacted by Capitol Records to head to California to discuss their bright future. Braedan’s mom then decided to contact The Ellen Show and she received a call asking for the boys to come on the show.

Braedan is one of those employees you become attached to from the start. Finishing his senior year at Penn State, he came to us by way of our own Henry Harker who knew him outside of Toftrees. His smile is contagious, his friendship genuine, and his unconditional love and attachment to his Momma are worn right on his sleeve!

Never performing in public, they headed off to California and as you’ll see in the attached video, this kid was made to be a star and to shine so very bright.

Though it will be bittersweet to see him leave us, we know that you can not hold a shining star down. The future is bright and the possibilities endless.

We hope you enjoy the video!

Contributed by Jillian Hockenberry