After a year of not being able to tailgate or attend Penn State University football games due to COVID restrictions, the Shaner RV was back in action again. This year’s edition of the Shaner Tailgate team was anxious and excited to get back to the familiar parking spot located next to Beaver Stadium. The tailgate team consisted of Karen Blake, Lance Shaner’s long-time Executive Assistant, Cori Blair, Shaner Corporate Senior Staff Accountant, Jason Kanagy, Shaner Corporate Office Support, and Stephen Verigood, Shaner Corporate Human Resources. 

Over a season of seven home games, including the exciting WhiteOut win over Auburn, and a few hard-to-take losses, everyone had a great time and is looking forward to next season. The menu for each tailgate varied based on the time of the games. Breakfast options were served during early games; lunch and dinner food options were served for the later games. With a constant flow of visitors and guests, the Shaner Tailgate team worked from early morning to late nights making sure everything ran smoothly and that everyone was having an enjoyable time.   

Already looking forward to next season, the Shaner Tailgate team wants you to know all Shaner employees are invited to our tailgate!  Just let us know when you’re in State College next fall, and we’ll treat you to the best tailgate at Penn State University football games! 

Pictured from left to right: Stephen Verigood, Cori Blair, Jason Kanagy and Karen Blake