The Courtyard Jacksonville I-295/East Beltway recently participated in a donation drive for the United States Coast Guard sector Jacksonville. Hotel managers Tom Cancellare and Lacie Belton visited the local Sam’s Club and purchased essential items for Coast Guard families in need during the government shutdown.


Tom Cancellare reached out to his Coast Guard contact Seth Buswell to see if there was anything the hotel could do to help. “I recently saw a report on the local news featuring Seth’s wife talking about ways the local community could help. Once I saw that report I knew we had to do something, “ said Cancellare.  “When I went to Yaser to see if he would be willing to have the hotel donate items he did not hesitate and told me to do whatever we needed to do to help them out,” he added.


Tom delivered the items to a collection event being held at a local church sponsored by the Coast Guard Chief Petty Officer’s Association and organized by Seth and Beth Buswell.


“When we pulled up to the donation center Seth’s wife came over and started crying and hugging me when she saw the truck full of diapers, baby wipes, and other personal items. They were both very thankful and appreciative of our hotels’ donation and generosity,” explained Cancellare.   “Although the hotel does receive group training rooms from the Coast Guard this was a way of really giving back to our community, helping out families in need, while building a lasting relationship with our client. “


Helping these families in their time of need made the entire team feel a sense of pride that we work for a company that truly leads by the example of giving back to the community.



*Article submitted and written by Tom Cancellare