The staff at the Courtyard Marathon Florida Keys have implemented several new initiatives to become more environmentally aware.


The first initiative is the availability of Stream2Sea Brand reef-safe sunscreen. It is estimated that 14,000 tons of sunscreen lotions alone end up in coral reefs each year.   This can be devastating to the ocean and the wildlife that calls the ocean home. Certain ingredients commonly used in sunscreen are highly toxic to corals and marine life.  When these chemicals are introduced into the waters, the coral can get sick and expel their life-giving algae. Without these algae, the coral can turn white and may even die.  This, in turn, affects thousands of species of fish. Stream2Sea Sunscreen has been tested for biodegradability, aquatic toxicity and coral reef safety so that those who enjoy exploring the ocean can rely on a brand whose ingredients are truly safe for their body and the waters. The 32-ounce bottles are made from 97% recycled milk jugs.


When one person chooses to be eco-conscious, they have the opportunity to share their choice with others.  Eventually, good changes can happen and a difference will be made.


The second initiative is the removal of plastic straws.  Marriott International has announced that they have adopted a plan to remove disposable plastic straws and plastic stirrers from its more than 6,500 properties across 30 brands around the world by July 2019. “We are proud to be among the first large U.S. companies to announce that we’re eliminating plastic straws in our properties worldwide,” said Arne Sorenson, President and Chief Executive Officer of Marriott International. “Removing plastic straws is one of the simplest ways our guests can contribute to plastic reduction when staying with us – something they are increasingly concerned about and are already doing in their own homes. We are committed to operating responsibly and – with over one million guests staying with us every night – we think this is a powerful step forward to reducing our reliance on plastics.”


These initiatives build on Marriott International’s commitment to reducing its environmental impact. Last year, the company set its most ambitious sustainability and social impact goals ever that call for reducing landfill waste by 45 percent and responsibly sourcing its top 10 product purchase categories by 2025. These goals and other sustainability programs help reduce their environmental footprint and are part of the company’s Serve 360: Doing Good in Every Direction initiative that addresses social, environmental, and economic issues.


The staff at the Courtyard Marathon Florida Keys are leading the movement!  Well done everyone!


Submitted by Courtney Woznek

Written by Samantha Bergantine