Shaner Hotels’ esteemed E-Commerce department hosted E-Commerce 101 at the Courtyard Homestead, July 10– 11, 2018. In attendance were over 20 members of property-level upper management from across the state of Florida. This included General Managers, Assistant General Managers and Directors of Sales. The goal of the training was to indoctrinate Shaner‘s management team into the inner workings of the E-Commerce department, while developing hotel specific e-commerce generated business opportunities. Topics covered included social media activities, OTA’s, online booking tools, search engine optimization, and a comprehensive look at the e-marketing tools at our disposal.  Dave Kopac’s team delivered a fun-filled two day training featuring interactive games, team projects and competitive exercises.


“It was thrilling to learn about the SEO strategies used by David Kopac’s team. I was unaware of all the available tools used by E-Commerce to market our property online, and I walked away with a deeper understanding of what drives people to our property. This class is a must for all Shaner hotel managers!” said attendee Natalie Lauth, Assistant General Manager of the Fairfield Inn & Suites Delray Beach.


A huge thank you to the Courtyard Homestead team.  We would like to recognize Mike Walker, Danielle Torres and the Courtyard Homestead team for being excellent hosts for the meeting.  Their creativity in setting up themed breaks such as ballpark food, chocolate fondue and smores, the Cuban-style lunch and the Tasting Table Cocktail Hour before Tuesday night dinner added another element of fun to the two-day session.


For more information on E-Commerce 101, please contact David Kopac, Director of E-Commerce.


Written by Cristina Pavloff