On June 17-20, 2018 Shaner Hotels held its second Shaner University. Held at the Pittsburgh Marriott City Center, department heads and managers gathered for a three-day General Manager-In-Training crash course that covered every department in the hotel.  Members from the Shaner Corporate Office, as well as key managers from throughout the company, assisted in this interactive and energizing program.


Per Benjamin Abboud, “It was a crowd of 46 attendees. We covered everything from Shaner legal protocol to the proper way to conduct sales, as we are all sales managers in a sense. Most of the concentration was on proper management styles & the do’s/don’ts for our properties to be successful.”


The program was capped off with a Pirates baseball game and dinner at the Smallman Galley.


Congratulations to everyone that completed the class!


Written by Mark Rice

Submitted by Benjamin Abboud