Tiffany Panosetti, Courtyard – OPS Manager of the Year

The OPS Manager of the Year award can be earned by a TPS Manager who has been in the position for a minimum of one year.  There are criteria that must be met to earn this award to include:


-Exhibits outstanding operational leadership and creativity that has enhanced the guest experience at the hotel

-Delivers strong performance in guest satisfaction

-All Service Team Members completed brand required training

-Overcome obstacles and challenges

-Supports profit goals (financial controls, i.e. A/R, A/P, cash control, petty cash, costs controls)

-Contributes to winning profitable extended stay business (revenue management, reservations effectiveness, involvement/participation in sales effort through tours, etc.)


Tiffany Panosetti took a team from good to great with attention to detail and a lot of hard work. Exhibiting many of the qualities that you would covet in a training specialist, she is detail-oriented, clear, descriptive, and most importantly, patient. She allows her co-workers to learn at the speed that is optimal for them, thereby setting them up for success. Tiffany’s detail carries over to the financial controls of the hotel, and after meeting and/or exceeding her goals, she contributed to an outstanding financial year for the hotel.


In addition, Tiffany is now the General Manager at the Courtyard Harrisburg/West Mechanicsburg!  Congratulations on your new position and earning this prestigious award, Tiffany!


Written by Samantha Bergantine