If you were to visit the Courtyard University of Delaware, there is a chance that you might sit down at their lobby bar for a bite to eat and a drink or two to de-stress after your busy day.  You are probably expecting to quietly enjoy your beer or mixed drink, eat some award winning crab cakes and maybe catch part of a game on the TV’s behind the bar.  What you don’t expect from a hotel lobby bar is superior customer service and a friendly, genuine conversation from the bartender.  This is exactly what you receive when Eddie Michelson is on duty at the Courtyard.


Eddie started tending bar at the Courtyard University of Delaware when the hotel opened its doors in 2004.  He was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY.  It was there where he began bartending before his relocation to the Newark, Delaware area. Overall, he’s been tending bar for more than 25 years in both New York City and Delaware.  He says that he applied for the position at the Courtyard because of the location of the hotel at the University and because of Marriott’s reputation.  Eddie truly enjoys the interaction he gets to have on a daily basis with both the corporate travelers that come through and the student’s parents that frequently stay at the hotel.  If you sit at the bar for a few minutes, you can see that he leaves an impression on them as well as many of the repeat customers will stop by just to say “hi” or shake his hand before they check-out and leave the hotel.  Eddie also enjoys the challenge of holding himself and the service he provides up to the high standard expected by guests of Marriott properties.


Outside of work, Eddie is active with his local Civic Association and Christmas in April.  He enjoys reading, cooking and spending time with his family.  On the job he enjoys the interaction with guests, creating cocktails and working with the students.  He says that making a guest feel like they are home, having a positive attitude when interacting with them and just simply having a good time is the key to being a successful bartender.  It looks like Eddie has the recipe for success right as he was awarded the 2017 Bartender of the Year in Newark, Delaware; an honor he was both thankful and humbled to receive.


Everyday he goes to work, Eddie is prepared to go above and beyond to make each and every guest feel like they are at home.  He provides exceptional customer service with a friendly attitude that leaves a lasting impression on everyone that sits down at his bar.  Eddie truly exhibits to the attributes that every associate should strive to achieve in their daily responsibilities.  Both the Courtyard University of Delaware and Shaner Hotels are proud to have him as part of the team.