August 31st, 2016 .. a year has passed since our opening and what a year it’s been. From construction a couple years back on a plot of land that used to be a parking lot to one of the most desirable locations in a city on the rise. Buffalo, NY a place where we are known as the “City of good neighbors” a perfect place to find 120+ employees willing to give their all for each other to become a top 10 Marriott.


Our team was able to celebrate this anniversary on the U.S.S Little Rock War Ship we observe every day from our hotel which included music, food and refreshments. We then concluded the night with a celebration at the AAA Buffalo Bisons baseball game. Perhaps the highlight of the night, were the gifts from our management team and owners Terry & Kim Pegula who have played a huge role in the revitalization of our city. (see attached)


It’s been a long and fun learning process for our team as we have been very fortunate to host events such as the NHL Draft along with professional sports teams, and top recording artists. A thank you to our incredible guests that walk out of our doors, hearing them say that this is the best hotel they’ve ever stayed at. It gives you chills, knowing the hard work each individual has put into this place whether it’s your 365th day or the first.

A BIG thank you to everyone along the way especially the Shaner team and Marriott training staff to allow us to be where we are today after one year, the #1 Marriott in North America.”

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Submitted by Bobby Giambra